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Seventy feet below, off the shores of Cape Lookout, lies a remarkable story, mostly untold. At 0758 hours on March 11, 1942, a cargo freighter and her crew of 28 men, sailing alone from Santiago, Cuba, to Norfolk, VA, met their fate in that stretch of coastal waters known as “Torpedo Alley.”

Spring of 2016, we will narrate this spectacular tale rich in historical inspiration through modern coastal cuisine, affording you the finest dining experience on the Crystal Coast.

Her name? Caribsea.

Modern Coastal Cuisine


Sustainable local seafood utilizing modern cooking techniques. From local boats to our table–prepared with a Southern flair.


Prime angus beef. Aged up to 36 days in-house for maximum flavor, and simply prepared, showcasing the best of American ranchers.


Special techniques in preparing seafood and beef ensure food safety and  maximum flavor and texture.

Meet Patrick Hogan

Executive Chef

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The finest catering on the Crystal Coast.

A rooftop experience.

Caribsea gets her threads.