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Dinner Menu


  • Crab Cakes s 22 / l 42

    Lemon beurre blanc, field greens, citrus vinaigrette, charred red onions

  • Charleston Shrimp & Rice Grits s 17 / l 28

    Rice middlins, bacon lardons, scallions, shrimp, cremini & shiitake mushrooms

  • MAHI MAHI 32

    Ancient grains, savory sweet potato yogurt sauce, sautéed kale, crushed peanuts

  • Scallops s 16 / l 28

    Lightly sautéed Swiss Chard & green apple, spiced pork belly, lemon curd preserves, pine nuts

Fin Fish Program 100% Local & Sustainable


  • *BONE-IN RIBEYE (28 oz) 58

    Red wine demi-glace, confit potatoes, roasted mushrooms

  • *FILET MIGNON ( 8 oz) 48

    Charred onion salt, fingerling potatoes (chateau butter), grilled asparagus, goat cheese compound butter

  • *Rack of Lamb s 21 / l 38

    Curry Seasoned, Tabouleh, Pepperoncini Chimichurri


  • *Caribsea Roll s 12 / l 24

    Maki “roll” of the day

  • Beef Tartare 12

    Kalamata olive, tomato, caper, onion, fried chickpeas, pita points, feta cheese

Local Favorites

  • BAKED OYSTERS (6) 14

    Green Tabasco butter, Thom’s collards, béchamel, bacon lardon

  • Crab Dip 14

    Lump crab, cream cheese, Old Bay, red pepper soufflé, pita points, bacon lardons

  • Blackened Shrimp and scallops 14

    Gorgonzola cheese sauce

  • *Caribsea Burger 16

    Bacon confit, caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese, roasted red bell pepper aioli, lettuce & tomato

  • *Steak Diane 32

    Beef shoulder tender, confit “Lyonnaise” potatoes, cognac cream sauce


    Linguine pasta, scampi butter & Parmesan, grilled ciabatta crostini


    Beef Bolognese with grilled ciabatta crostini



    Mixed field greens, fried goat cheese crouton, cherry tomato, balsamic vinaigrette


    Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, shaved red onion, green bell pepper, cheddar cheese, chopped eggs, bacon, choice of ranch, blue cheese, peppercorn, or 1000 Island

  • Friseé Salad 11

    Asparagus tips, heirloom tomatoes, pine nuts, pesto vinaigrette, shaved Parmesan

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of food-borne illness. Guests may choose a cook-to temperature on select items and consume at your own risk.

*All prices on this menu are subject to change without notice.